Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seniors...what do you want?

A lot of senior class of 2009 are starting to think about senior pictures. Lots of senior moments will be memorable, but in 20 years from now, your senior pictures will still be present....on your Mom and Dad's living room wall to be exact. How do you want to be remembered? Good photography involves taking a correct picture, good portraiture involves creating an interaction with the subject and camera...good art involves invoking emotion with an image.

My goal as your photographer is....Give you unique pictures that no one else will have. Get to know you, so that I can capture your natural personality in your portraits. Create for you a variety of not only poses, but styles and moods to capture your depth. But most of all....

Create a piece of art that in 20 years, you won't cringe when you see it on your parents' family room wall.

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