Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! | Northwest Arkansas Professional Photographer

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell!

I have never been in the presence of anyone so famous in all my life, and although I'm not one to get starstruck, I must admit, I oscillated between giddy joy and nervous concern. The gentle man quickly saw right through my busy worker exterior, and assured me I'd been good enough this year, and had no need to worry.

Now, although I couldn't resist sharing pictures, you must understand that these are a gift for Mrs. Claus, and so we must be very careful not to spoil the surprise!
Oh, children...he is every bit as kind and good as legend goes. And his laugh, you can't help yourself but laugh, too! If you happen to see him on December 24th, mention how handsome he looked in his pictures, and let him know how humbled I was to be in his presence.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Season to Give | Northwest Arkansas Portrait Specials

Thanksgiving is always such a special time to slow down for long enough to look around and see the blessings around you. I am so thankful that we enter this holiday season with a spirit of thankfulness.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my special clients of this year. I celebrated births, graduations, milestones, and fleeting precious moments of time with you. It has been my pleasure to get to know you, and capture a moment of your life as art. And for future clients, I look forward to you joining in the Saclolo Photography family. I believe in what I do, and am excited to offer special savings for gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

A set of 25 (single print) 4x6's is especially available for $60, or a set of 25 (single print) 5x7's for $75.

Any print in any size is available buy one get one free. If you didn't order a print with your original order, now is your chance to order one for yourself and receive one to gift to love ones this holiday season.

Any session can be booked at half price or any session can be booked at regular price with a print credit issued for the full amount ($100 session will receive a $100 print credit, etc.) Sessions must be scheduled for now through April 15, 2010.

Studio gift certificates are available at 30% off in any increments. Or, give a special package certificate with a Petite Session with 5 digital images or 10 gift prints for $250. Gift certificates and Petite Sessions can be redeemed through 2011.

These specials are available through Sunday November 28, and must be paid for by Monday November 29. Email your your orders or any questions!

May this holiday season be filled with the reminders of the everyday gifts we are surrounded by!

And of course, what is a post without at least one picture, and this is one of my favorites of five minutes I had before a client arrived, and I practiced with Bella! For our sweet family far away, if you wonder what Bella is like....this pictures sums her up! No words needed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet Sisters | Southwest Missouri Children's Portrait Photographer

Miss Melissa and Natalie travelled down from Pineville MO to play in the leaves with me. We found a small field of the last remaining autumn color and I had fun with some divinebacklighting! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Come over and join me on Facebook if you want to see more!

welcome to NWA Briand Family | Bentonville AR Portrait Photographer

A few days ago, we headed out to Horseshoe Bend on Beaver Lake for a session with this gorgeous family in the lovely natural surroundings we have here in Northwest Arkansas as they wanted to share their new home with the friends and family in the Northeast.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek, and I look forward to next week together. Come on over to facebook to see some more .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kyle, Rogers High Senior | Rogers Arkansas Senior Photographer

Sometimes, when I begin a session without meeting someone, it can be a bit nerve wracking. Kind of like a first date if you will....will we connect, will I sense their true personality, will the family be on board with our ideas. I know I can take a good picture, but my desire is to capture a piece of that person, their true self, forever. This takes more than a good camera, great light, or nice scenery. It takes more than nice clothes, great hair, or posing. It takes a vulnerability with the camera. It takes the ability to look into the camera as though you are looking at yourself in the mirror, and examining pieces of your soul, bit by bit. This is difficult for many...well probably for most. Some are embarrassed, some don't know what is needed, some are too guarded. I'm sure there are a million and one reasons. So, much of photography is waiting. Waiting for the protective film to lift away from the eyes, and the true self to shine through.

I hope I have caught some glimpses of Kyle, because in the short time I had with him, it became evident he is someone to know. Full of energy, confidence, and thoughtfulness, it became quickly apparent that he has so much to offer the world as he prepares to enter it.

And his Mom, quick to smile and laugh, and obviously fiercely in love with her kids. Her pride literally makes her glow.

Cool people. I like my job.

And here he is...congratulations Kyle, may you have an amazing senior year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Arts Live Theatre in Fayetteville presents Night of the Living Dead | Northwest Arkansas Event Photographer

Last month, I had the pleasure of shooting the Arts Live Theatre production of Night of the Living Dead. The screen adaption was kid friendly for the young group of actors, and what a fun production it was right before Halloween. Here is a sampling of their performance, and to see more, come visit me on Facebook. Although this show has finished it's run, their next production, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory opens this week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Little B | Rogers Arkansas Children's Photographer

This little guy's amazing family contacted me to do a session as they were continuing a multi-generation tradition of doing pictures at 18 months of all the children in the family...and it was Mr. B's turn!

Now, toddlers are interesting little people, they can move as fast (or faster) than most big people, but they don't speak quite the same language or follow the same rules as most big planning for an 18 month old session means wearing comfy clothes and taking your vitamins!

Mr B didn't let me down, and we had a great time playing and exploring. Here's a few from our morning together, and if you want to see more, come over to the Saclolo Photography Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Petite Sessions NWA Professional Photographer

Fall is coming fast! We've set the date at the studio for Halloween Petite Sessions, Tuesday October 19th. You'll have your choice of outdoor or indoor studio shots as weather permits. Email or call to reserve your session time! Can't wait to see your little monsters ; )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GAP Day at the studio! Thursday, September 16th

Do you (or your kids!) want to be a GAP model for GAP Scottsdale Center? On Thursday, September 16th wear your new Gap outfits and come in for a portrait and Saclolo Photography. Our favorites will be featured on GAP and Saclolo Photography's Facebook pages! Here's the card that is going on at GAP. Come have fun and be a local star ; )

Friday, August 27, 2010

GAP VIP After Hours

Last night I had a fun opportunity to shoot Scottsdale GAP after hours event. Arts Live, Well Quest, Gold's Gym and Silpada Designs were on hand to talk with customers, offer demos and do raffles and great giveaways. And, I have exciting news I'll post soon about an event coming up with Gap and Saclolo Photography! More pics and stories will be on Saclolo Photography Facebook Page and Gap Scottsdale Facebook Page. Check it out!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

HHS Senior Cole Bundy

What can I say, I love this kid. Oh, and don't get any ideas, he's already promised to my six year old, Bella. That is if Brooke doesn't beat her to the altar. But...I'm getting way ahead of myself...this kid has some mat work to do his senior year at Heritage, and of course whatever college is lucky enough to get him! Come support him and his State Champion wrestling team this year, they are amazing to watch!

I'll put more up on Facebook. Seniors, if you wanna come see what Saclolo Photography is all about, we're gonna have an open house just for you. Next Thursday 4pm-8pm. We'll have food, I'll be doing exclusive facebook avatar pics, you'll get to see the studio and meet us!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Camping on Beaver Lake

A few weeks ago we packed up half our house and a couple of tents, drove a few miles down the road and unpacked it, which to the kids is called a fun camping trip, to the parents is called what in the heck are we doing, we have a nice soft bed and air conditioning, like...right down that road!

But, in all honesty it is fun and tradition, so here are a few pics of our camping trip to the lake.

Canon doing some damage to an Oreo.

Isaac making his birthday wish. I cannot believe he is four years old!

Luis' burgers. They are the best, he has perfected a concoction that includes coffee and oats to name a few ingredients!

Little Miss Bella learned how to ride her bike without any training wheels! She was so excited and proud!

Dehring found this very interesting caterpillar. We have yet to look it up, but look forward to learning more about it.

Gant whizzing by on the bike!

Dehring and her friend Ella cooking breakfast before we went out on the boat for some boarding!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lingle Middle School Orchestra Concert

Here's a set of pictures that fell by the way side during the crazy end of year time in May.
Dehring, along with a few of her friends, Layne and Tiffani. Both girls just happened to come with awesome parents, and so we have acquired some special friends in the package deal!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brick Street Botanical lovlies in historic downtown Rogers

I went in downtown Rogers to Brick Street Botanical today in search of a wreath for the studio door. If you have not been in her store, you must go by and meet Holly and see her artistic collection of earthly treasures. Her sense of design and balance is obvious in even the smallest of details, and it feels delightful to be there.

This little guy came to live at the studio. I was originally enamored with a pencil plant, but in the end this Jade Succulent won out. There is something calming about the dimensionality of the leaves (although my slight recollection of college botany is telling me that leaves isn't the right term).

And as I was at the counter, her display of jewelry caught my eye. Sea glass, which she personally collected in the Puget Sound area, offered a soft opaque color palette for the delicate beading woven in and out.

Stop in to peruse, items in any budget were available, and you will be impressed with another amazingly talented local entrepreneur in our area.

Hope everyone had a great day!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Senior Portraits What You Gotta Know Part One

Holy canolies, Seniors, it is almost time to go back to school! This amazing year will fly by, and then you will have your own wings with which to soar.

One of the big decisions you are going to have to make is senior portraits. I know that photography isn't going to change the economy or determine your future, but listen to will probably be the last and forever portrait that hangs on your parents' wall. And it very well may be the last portraits you have done of just yourself.

So, the first decision is what photographer? If I were just interested in your business, I'd say me, lol...but that is not my main concern. I believe in the art of photography and in finding the perfect photographer that will best represent you in art. So, to find your perfect photographer, you are going to have to first think about who you are and how you want to be photographed.

Here are some things I ask my seniors and what every senior should think about.
Give me adjectives that describe your favorite personality aspects.
Silly, Sarcastic, Dark, Shy, Sexy, Happy-Go-Lucky, Serious, Athletic, Caring, Leader, the list could go on forever. Knowing the personality of my clients is so important to creating portraits that bring out that essence, and move a portrait from a "pretty picture" to "life as art"
What do you love to do?
This does not have to be something formal like football or band, this can also be butterfly collecting, or painting your toenails in the bathtub. The more I know about your passions and quirks, the more creative I can be with your session.
What does your parents love most about you?
So, often what you like and what your parents like will be different. And that's great, we'll just shoot to capture shots that both of you will love, that why you have a whole gallery full.
What is do you not like about yourself?
Maybe it's your nose when you are standing profile. Maybe it is the way you shift your weight to one foot. If I know these things then I can work to minimize or correct what bothers you.
What is your personal style?
What we wear and how we wear is our first impression statement to the world. Maybe you have this aspect developed to an art, and maybe this conversation gives you the heebie jeebies. Either way, your photographer should be able to help you use your style and the style of the image to portray an overall message. And, I will never suggest you wear neutral single colors. This is an excellent idea for a headshot in a yearbook, but in your custom photography shoot, your style should shine. Also, I have lots of accessories, and am have several wardrobe options to help you out.
Where do you want to go to do your session?
Someplace downtown, quaint and historic. Deep in the woods. On the lake. Industrial and edgy. The front porch at home. Just indoor studio shots? The more unique and varied a session is, the more I feel in my element artistically. I could not imagine limiting my seniors to the same locations and set ups, I know it would be convenient and wouldn't require much thought, but I'm an artist, not an assembly line operator, so it would suck the joy out of living!
What season do you want your session?
Yes, we are blessed with beautiful outdoor scenery all through the year. If you plan to take outdoor photos, what season is your favorite, or what do you envision for your session. Your photographer can help you with this, or if you want the ultimate senior session, I offer a four seasons session that allows you to capture the beauty of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri in all it's glory. This will make an amazing album for years to come.
What is your budget?
This is very important to sit down with your parents and discuss. Custom portraiture is an investment. I have had seniors that talk about spending thousands of their own money on clothes for the senior shoot, but have their parents only spend a couple of hundred on their photos. Those clothes will go for quarters at a garage sale in a few years, but you will never get to have senior portraits again. If your parents are on a tight budget, and you have summer job money to spend, consider using some of your own money. Another thing to research is what payment options the photographer has. I am more than happy to work with any client on a custom payment plan that works for them. And I love to do trades. I am always in need of something (piano and dance lessons for my kids, yard work, a canoe or kayak, the list goes on).

The main thing is know who you are and what you want. This will be a very important skill to finding happiness and success well beyond the camera. If you can learn to discern who you are, what you like about yourself and what you want to accomplish, it will take a lot of guesswork out of choosing everything from a college major to who you should date. Come back soon and we'll chat some more. Of course, as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or message me.