Thursday, May 27, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Rogers Children Photographer

Monday night we had yet another sudden thunderstorm come up. Ballgames were delayed then canceled, and the kids were antsy from having to sit in the van waiting on a decision and then waiting to pick up Paxon from wrestling. As we were driving home, the sun approached the horizon in the west and escaped it's cloud cover, celebrating with a stunning rainbow in the east.

I was tired and it was still drizzling, so I was tempted to just tell the kids to look out the window, and then drive on. But, how many rainbows have I passed by, and how many more would there be before my children are grown. So, I pulled over, grabbed the camera and offered an open invitation to the van o' kiddos for a photo op with a rainbow.

Rainbows. Are they significant because they are rare? Beautiful? A symbol of promise? For me, they are yet another reminder that time is fleeting. A reminder to stop. Look. Love. Absorb. Enjoy. A reminder that the world will make it without you for a few moments while you celebrate the art of life.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Reminder Northest Arkansas Professional Photographer

I can be indecisive about pictures of my own children. With clients, I have a specific look and mood that I am shooting and post processing each image for, and I work toward that goal. With my children, I like to experiment, and sometimes I'm unsure if I'm happy with the results. This particular portrait, I couldn't decide how much I liked it. Sometimes I'm too close to the technical side of the portrait, especially when I'm fresh from the working on it, and I don't connect with the emotional side immediately.

Well, during the lab special I shared with you a few weeks ago, I decided on a whim to order the one below as a wall portrait. The processing and delivery of this picture was quite delayed, and to be quite honest I had forgotten I'd ordered it. So, when I opened it, I was expecting a client portrait. But instead was surprised by my own children, and it took my breath away. And made me cry.

Now, bear with me here, I'm not trying to self promote, it really has nothing to do with that. It is just at that moment, I saw this with my 'Momma eyes' not my photographer eyes. I saw Canon's little hands clasping Bella's, as he couldn't stand yet. I recalled their giggles and squeals as they played and danced. I remembered Bella's unbridled excitement when she saw the field of dandelions. The evening was pastel and serene and calm, and filled with kid joy and laughter. I chose to process this image dreamy and vintage, as I hoped to always remember it.

Time is so fleeting. I am reminded over and over. I cannot tell you how thankful as a mom I am to have this portrait. Canon is walking well now; who knows if we ever will find another field of dandelions this grand, or even if we did, would Bella still be an age to be excited about it any more? Flowers bloom and fade in days, children grow up in what feels like the same amount of time.

Invest in having custom professional portraits taken of your children. Find a photographer that you are moved by what they see and capture in life. Hire them to save these fleeting moments forever; they are too precious not to.

Monday, May 10, 2010