Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introducing Baby Canon

Many of you may not know, but last fall I was diagnosed with a serious illness. Soon after, we found out we were expecting a new little one. The outcome was tentative, so we chose to not share much of our struggles and found strength and faith as a family.

We are so very thankful to announce that after much time in the hospital, and more time in prayer, baby Canon Alaric is here and perfect and beautiful...and worth every drop of 'trouble' to get him this far.

For those of you who have known of our struggles and been by our side, I cannot begin to thank you for support, prayers, and quiet strength you filled us with. For those of you who were unaware and wondered where we disappeared to...thank you in advance for your understanding. This was a very difficult, dark time for us, and I do not handle being one in need versus being one to meet others' needs. Sharing my vulnerability is difficult.

We have missed being in the swing of things, and with continued medical care our hope is to be back in action by the summer.

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Vanessa said...

Oh Steph, he is absolutely adorable! Wish I could be there.