Thursday, May 27, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Rogers Children Photographer

Monday night we had yet another sudden thunderstorm come up. Ballgames were delayed then canceled, and the kids were antsy from having to sit in the van waiting on a decision and then waiting to pick up Paxon from wrestling. As we were driving home, the sun approached the horizon in the west and escaped it's cloud cover, celebrating with a stunning rainbow in the east.

I was tired and it was still drizzling, so I was tempted to just tell the kids to look out the window, and then drive on. But, how many rainbows have I passed by, and how many more would there be before my children are grown. So, I pulled over, grabbed the camera and offered an open invitation to the van o' kiddos for a photo op with a rainbow.

Rainbows. Are they significant because they are rare? Beautiful? A symbol of promise? For me, they are yet another reminder that time is fleeting. A reminder to stop. Look. Love. Absorb. Enjoy. A reminder that the world will make it without you for a few moments while you celebrate the art of life.

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