Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brick Street Botanical lovlies in historic downtown Rogers

I went in downtown Rogers to Brick Street Botanical today in search of a wreath for the studio door. If you have not been in her store, you must go by and meet Holly and see her artistic collection of earthly treasures. Her sense of design and balance is obvious in even the smallest of details, and it feels delightful to be there.

This little guy came to live at the studio. I was originally enamored with a pencil plant, but in the end this Jade Succulent won out. There is something calming about the dimensionality of the leaves (although my slight recollection of college botany is telling me that leaves isn't the right term).

And as I was at the counter, her display of jewelry caught my eye. Sea glass, which she personally collected in the Puget Sound area, offered a soft opaque color palette for the delicate beading woven in and out.

Stop in to peruse, items in any budget were available, and you will be impressed with another amazingly talented local entrepreneur in our area.

Hope everyone had a great day!


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