Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Much Fun with Dehring

Dehring is my oldest daughter, and second of six. I would guess that snow days rank pretty high on her favorites list.

Spending time with friends and family has become a chiche` phrase used as a filler for awards ceremony participants lacking a nice long list of interesting activites. But, if anyone could bring back the value to said phrase, it would be Dehring...because she values friends and family.

Today I had the pleasure of watching her push her younger siblings, carry them back up the hill, pack snow for better sledding, be the bottom of the dogpile, build x-game ramps and a snow fort, give away her gloves and hat, laugh, smile, giggle, play and thoroughly enjoy herself. Her only complaint was that her brothers, Paxon and Gant didn't join the family in our snow fun.

Thank you, sweet girl for a wonderful day together.

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