Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Falling On Cedars and Little Boy Tongues!

When I happened to glance out the window this morning, and saw big beautiful flakes drifting down from the sky, I rushed to grab my camera. As most of you from this area know, our amount of snowfall this year has been a rarity. I know that it could be years before we see this again, so I didn't want to miss another special opportunity. But...I had to obtain a subject for my snow shots. Isaac was involved with his cereal, and no amount of pleading would make him hurry or consider pausing cereal for some snow pictures. I threw Canon in a bunting and headed out, but after one very somber shot, he told me what he thought of sitting out in the cold snow, and although we don't speak the same language, I perfectly understood. So, I headed back in to work on Isaac. Although it took promise of the oldest child birthrite and the batmobile (don't tell him or 1994 Altima is anything BUT the batmobile), I had a off we went! Hope you enjoy these, Canon didn't last long...but I was thankful for what I got. The flakes only lasted a few minutes, and I am so glad I didn't just say...oh next time....I'll probably add more to facebook as I just started editing these. Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday.

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