Friday, March 5, 2010

Winter Fog

I apologize for not having much to say the past few months. This season has been an especially dark and cold one, for many reasons unrelated to the weather; although the winter does slow my response time & blow coldness into the deepest regions of my soul. I do intend to attempt to thaw out with some of these warmer rays of hope starting to come through my window, & then maybe I'll have something to offer besides frost bite...

My friends, if I get lost in the cave, please don't leave me there: come find me so I don't freeze to death. I wouldn't ask, if (one) I didn't know that it was necessary. Hibernation is only therapeutic for a time, then becomes deathly dangerous. And (two) I believe that I would only need you to lead me to the exit, and I think I could find my way from there.

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michelle edwards joy said...

Dear Stephanie,

You are such a light I am surprised you are ever cold. Come on out in the sunlight girl...Spring is on its way. If I can ever be of help please let me know.